• No-nonsense Messaging
    Regular Messaging

    A good messaging app should allow the user to read or reply to a message without much fuss. With Xpress yourself you can get straight into the context and start messaging. What more, you don't have to leave the screen to get to other friend's messages. All the messaging 'tools' are strategically placed within the Conversation screen that everything from adding your favourite emoticon to your message to sending a voice message is a breeze. The messages carry time stamps and let you know if your messages are delivered. All these without leaving the context. What more can you ask for?

  • Get Playful With Ephemeral
    Ephemeral Messaging

    Xpress Yourself's short lived messaging feature allows you to turn any message into an ephemeral or disappearing message with just a flick of your finger. It is not just photos, it could be text, video or even audio gossips. Once the user views or listens to the ephemeral video or audio, it gets deleted from her or his phone. For text messages and photos you can set a predetermined time, say 5 seconds, for the message to live on the recipient's Conversation screen, after which it gets deleted. So, what you waiting for? Have fun. Please note, these are fun features and the recipient has many ways to persist these messages like screen shots. So always use your best judgement.

  • Web-to-Phone Convenience
    Web-to Phone Messaging

    There must have been many instances when you had come across some interesting stuff on the internet (desktop/laptop) and wished that it was stored on to your phone or shared with your friends. Well, Xpress Yourself allows you to do just that. You can log in to your Xpress Yourself account at www.letsxprs.com and share all that had wowed you on the net with your friends or keep them always handy by sending to yourself. (That puts an end to all your guesses of why you show up in the avatar strip of the Conversation screen!)

  • One Screen Wonder Chat
    Simultaneous Multi Chat

    If you are a chataholic, then Xpress Yourself is the perfect messaging app for you. You don't have to go back and forth to the Contacts screen to juggle between conversations to chat with more than one friend at a time. Xpress Yourself's unique avatar strip which lies along the length of the conversation screen allows you to switch between conversations by simply tapping on the friend's avatar to whom you would like to send a message. To make things even easier, all new messages that you receive while you are chatting will be indicated as counters on the corresponding avatar.

  • Treasure Your messages
    Vaulted Messaging App

    Applock. Yes, you heard it right. Xpress Yourself has a lock for itself so that you don't have to worry when you are away from your phone. You will need a passcode to enter the app. You can turn on or off the passcode either from the mobile app or from your Xpress Yourself account at www.letsxprs.com . You can even periodically change your passcode from the Settings of Xpress Yourself. Turn on the passcode and stay cool when you are amidst your nosey friends or family!

  • Your Privacy is Protected
    Privacy Protected

    With Xpress Yourself, all messages that you send and receive are encrypted in transit, and deleted from the servers once they are delivered. Even the phone numbers from your phonebook that are used for matching with other users are kept in an encrypted form on our servers for the fraction of a second it takes to do the matching, after which, it is permanently deleted. And like other popular messaging apps Xpress Yourself does not force you to have all your phonebook contacts using Xpress to be your friends. You have all the freedom to choose your friends.

  • Colour Your Experience
    Multiple Themes

    Ambience matters. Some love their food served in candle light, some love it in an open garden, and some in a posh setting. With messages too, you can choose a setting of your choice. Xpress Yourself offers a variety of themes to choose from. Different colours, different patterns, all make an effect on you when you read, listen or view a message from your special friend. Go to Settings and pick a theme of your liking. And when it is time for a makeover you can try another one.

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Now Connect With Your Friends
With The All New All-in-One
Messaging Phenomenon

Xpress Yourself, the new revolutionary app from Letsxprs, brings you the joy of messaging with its cool features. With just a tap, you can make a message delete itself after it is viewed, or with the unique avatar strip you can switch between conversations staying in the same screen. And group conversation allows you to hang out with your friends wherever you are. From aesthetics to user experience, Xpress Yourself is redefining the way a messaging app should look and function. Power and flexibility of the mobile platform has been harnessed like never before to make your messaging experience a pleasure, and privacy, a given. Every message is encrypted in transit and deleted from the servers upon delivery. Step into the next generation of messaging. No doubt, this is truly the most integrated chat app you can have for connecting with your friends.